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ama_artists's Journal

AMA Artists
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The Artist's Way for AMA Members
Hello, all you creative and soon-to-be creative types! Recently I've been taking a program that my dad has been guiding called The Artist's Way, which is a creative workbook by Julia Cameron. The book begins with the statement that everyone is creative and has an artist within them, and the point of this course is to recover that inner artist. It is divided into a twelve-week course, with assignments much like any semester-long college class.

Now, I know that a lot of you are probably thinking that:

A) This sounds a little fruity.
B) I don't have time for this.
C) UGH, assignments!
D) Dear God, not another spin-off.
E) All of the above.

I can promise you this. It's not as fruity as it sounds, you can make time for it, the assignments are fun, and you will get something out of it.

Basically the program consists of doing daily morning pages (which are three pages of stream-of-consciousness free-writing) and weekly "artist dates". This is two hours that you set aside for yourself to just play and do something creative. Write, paint, sing, go see a play, clog dance, do the macarena naked, whatever you want. If you've always had a secret passion to be a ribbon dancer, go for it. The important part is that you give yourself a chance to explore it, and that's what we're here for.

For the program, you do not have to go out and buy the book, but it would certainly be beneficial. Throughout the course of the 12-weeks, posts will guide you along and give out your various assignments. You may choose to share your assignments community or keep them in your own private journal.

But this community is not only for those of you who are doing the program, it is also a place for you to come to showcase your art or creations, or if you need someone to lean on when there is a lack of inspiration. Everyone is welcome!

The Rules:

1. Be respectful. Any hateful or slanderous speech will not be tolerated. Offering constructive criticism is one thing, but try to get a feel for when it is and isn't appropriate.

2. Pictures larger than 600 x 450 pixels must be under a cut. You may post one or two pictures outside of a cut as a preview, but as a courtesy to people's friends pages pay attention to the size of the post.

3. Don't mess with your font. Tiny text doesn't make you special, nor do ~sparkles~. If you can't get your question across without using ridiculous formatting, then don't bother. Of course you can add footnotes in small tags, or emphasise things in italics. But don't post an entire entry in bold, or a huge font, or in green. Use common sense.

4. Don't be an idiot and disable comments, delete your post, delete your comments (or anyone else's comments), freeze threads, etc.. Feel free to screen comments if you want people to be able to answer with some degree of privacy, but don't abuse it.

5. Try to get a feel for what is and isn't okay. In the old days of the Internet, this typically meant lurking somewhere until you feel comfortable enough understanding the unspoken rules and boundaries to take part. There are a lot of unwritten rules, but anybody who even pays a fraction of attention should be able to figure out what they shouldn't do. "It wasn't in the rules" is not an excuse for not thinking before acting.

--Most of the rules are the same as the standard rules for ask_me_anything.

If you feel as if you would have a problem abiding by any of these rules, you need not apply.

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